Anytune for Mac

Anytune Music Slow Downer for Mac OS-X

Anytune for Mac

Anytune for Mac – Available Now!


Mac Music Practice Perfected

Musicians worldwide use Anytune on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches to learn, transcribe or practice songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, setting navigation marks, sharing timed comments and much more.

Anytune for Mac brings the same great feature set and user interface loved by musicians back to the Mac!

Anytune is the ultimate desktop music practice app for musicians of all kinds.

Powerful music practice features now on Mac!

  • Seamless iTunes Music Import
  • Visualize your song
  • Practice at your own pace and pitch
  • Mark and loop song sections for practicing
  • Pinpoint your instrument
  • Feel as though you’re playing in the band
  • Scroll lyrics (or Text TABS) with the music
  • Organize you music in Folders and Playlists

Try before you buy

Download the Demo version of Anytune for Mac and try it out for thirty days.

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Download Anytune for Mac Now

Go to the Mac App Store and download Anytune for Mac now at the introductory price.

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Anytune for Mac is much more than a Music Slow Downer

Import Your Music from iTunes

Import your music from your iTunes Music Library, or drag and drop a song into your Tunes list. Browse your music collection by song, artist, album, or playlist and simply press play!

Save Loops and Create Audiomarks

Create multiple Loops and Audiomarks for quick navigation and to add comments. Collaborate virtually with others by sharing song tempo, pitch, and EQ settings, Audiomarks, and Loopmarks via email.

Pinpoint your instrument

Enhance or suppress the instrument you want using the FineTouch EQ. Use gestures and parametric filters to more precisely control the sound of your tracks than any old school graphic EQ.

iCloud Song Settings

Share your Song settings between Anytune on your Mac and your iPad or iPhone using iCloud. Start on your Mac and continue on the go! (Requires Anytune 3.9.2 – coming soon!)

Play along with the Band

Feel as though you are playing along with the band. Combine Anytune with an adapter and practice in a live mix of your song and your instrument or voice, all at your own pace and pitch.

* Anytune for Mac Requires Mac OS-X 10.8 Mountain Lion or greater.

Other Great Features

  • Export tuned tracks and loops in AIFF or AAC
  • View and edit lyrics
  • Import audio from videos
  • High fidelity tempo and pitch adjustment
  • FineTouch EQ on Input
  • Step-It-Up Interval Trainer
  • Transcribe Mode
  • Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Much more!

Download Anytune for Mac Now



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Anytune is brought to you by Anystone Technologies Inc.

We created Anytune to help you learn your favourite music. Anystone focuses on user experience to provide simply intuitive, well-supported, elegant solutions. We hope you like them.